Creating an online store “Chinese Pharmacy”

The company "Chinese Pharmacy" is the sole authorized representative of the Chinese Health Center "Kanti" and LLC "Kitayinvest" (Temple of Thousand Herbs pharmacies) for the online sale of Chinese dietary supplements.

The Chinese Health Center "Kanti" and the Temple of Thousand Herbs pharmacy are the first Chinese state medical institutions established with the support of the Chinese government and the Moscow government. They are a subsidiary of the Center for Trade Development and Investment Management in Europe.

Creating a website for the construction company “SPU-1”

LLC "SPU-1 DZM" has been engaged in construction for over 20 years, providing turnkey construction services for cottages, residential houses, prefabricated and monolithic low-rise buildings and structures.

Creating a website for “Расфасуем.рф”

The manufacturing company "Расфасуем" offers the following services:

  • Manual assembly and packaging: Various types of manual work for assembling, forming, and packaging products.
  • Repackaging and relabeling: Replacing the primary packaging of products, modifying the number of items in the package, and applying the information to the existing packaging.
  • Kit assembly: Creating Metro units, forming sets of any complexity.

Website development for the “Leninsky 52” Household Services Center.

The "Leninsky 52" Household Services Center has been in operation since 1953 and is one of the oldest workshops in Moscow. Professional craftsmen provide high-quality repairs using durable materials from Italy, Spain, and France.

Creating a website for the courier service “Migom”

Migom - a young and friendly team, ready to offer you services for the delivery of documents and small loads.
We instantly deliver letters, parcels, goods, business correspondence, gifts to partners and loved ones, invitation cards and much more that you need to transfer as soon as possible with a high level of reliability and without fear of loss.

Creating a website for “Master Textile”

Master Textile is an exclusive representative of fabrics that are widely used for specialized clothing in oil and gas extraction companies. With years of manufacturing experience, we can guarantee the quality of our supplied fabrics. Our advanced developments in fabric flame resistance ensure a safe future for workers in the extraction industries.

Creating an online store “Comfort and Sleep”

The company "Comfort and Sleep" does everything to make your home warm and cozy! Blankets, pillows, bedding sets, throws, and bedspreads are made from high-quality natural and environmentally friendly materials. You can choose the fillings for blankets and pillows according to your preference: camel down, swan down, sheep wool, or bamboo.

Creating a website for the Art Studio “Indigo”

The company offers a full range of services in the field of construction and renovation: interior design for apartments, cottages, restaurants, cafes, and offices; repair and finishing of residential and non-residential premises; author's supervision.