I Need Helpers

INH Staff & Volunteer Management

Custom-built Crowd Management System has been proven to support hundreds of small and large-scale events over the last ten years in Australia. I Need Helpers’ VMS is a staff and volunteer management platform, built on Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading the way in innovation and automation in episodic personnel programs.


Powerful Solution for Managing Your Equipment Merchant Catalog

Our custom-made InSite CMS provides a powerful solution for efficiently managing your equipment merchant catalogue. With a wide range of heating boilers, radiators, and spare parts, our CMS simplifies organizing and maintaining a vast record of heating equipment. From seamless product updates to comprehensive inventory management, our CMS streamlines your operations and ensures accurate and up-to-date information for your customers.

Creating a website for the company “Thermo-Prestige”

Thermo-Prestige specializes in selling, delivering, and servicing heating equipment from well-known manufacturers since 1998. The company offers competitive prices on the provided equipment and takes an individual approach to each client.

Website development for LLC “Farmkomplektatsiya” (2007)

The company has been engaged in the production and sale of emergency kits, car first aid kits, and other car accessories since 1999.

Website development for LLC “IZObara”

The company specializes in heating and water supply systems and covers the following areas of activity: design, supply and provision of a complete range of equipment, installation, commissioning, and subsequent service maintenance.

Creation of a website for the company “Мособлгаз” (Moscow Regional Gas Company)

JSC "Mosoblgaz" offers a full range of services related to the gasification of facilities. The company is an active participant in the Government Program of the Moscow Region "Gasification of Rural Settlements in the Moscow Region" in terms of construction and reconstruction of municipal boiler houses in the Moscow Region by converting them to natural gas.

Creating a website for the company “Trading Club KAPITAL”

The Trading Club "KAPITAL" collaborates with numerous banking and financial institutions and participates in various events organized by financial organizations, associations, and other organizations in Russia, CIS countries, the Baltic states, and overseas.