Behind every software, there’s a person and a story

A showcase of our most recent, interesting and favorite case studies.

За каждой программой есть человек и история

Некоторые из наших последних и интересных примеров работ.

I Need Helpers

INH Staff & Volunteer Management

Custom-built Crowd Management System has been proven to support hundreds of small and large-scale events over the last ten years in Australia. I Need Helpers’ VMS is a staff and volunteer management platform, built on Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading the way in innovation and automation in episodic personnel programs.


Powerful Solution for Managing Your Equipment Merchant Catalog

Our custom-made InSite CMS provides a powerful solution for efficiently managing your equipment merchant catalogue. With a wide range of heating boilers, radiators, and spare parts, our CMS simplifies organizing and maintaining a vast record of heating equipment. From seamless product updates to comprehensive inventory management, our CMS streamlines your operations and ensures accurate and up-to-date information for your customers.

Tsaritsyno City Hostel Web site and digital marketing

We have created a complete web strategy, services, and digital marketing for a middle-size Moscow-based hospitality company. More than 10 years of cooperation with us allowed the Tsaritsyno City Hostel to gain market share and withstand tough competition.

Website development for the company “Re-pack EVERYTHING”

Let's repackage EVERYTHING - the motto and the name of the company's website! The company provides packaging services for various types of goods. The site maximally reflects the widest range of services that the company can offer to clients across the country.

“Jete” ballet school website development

The school is open to both girls and boys from 4 to 14 years old, as well as ladies who want to touch the art. The classical choreography training program meets the standards of the Russian ballet school, which is based on the classical dance methodology of A.Ya. Vaganova (8-14 years old) and B. Knyazev's parterre loom technique (4-7 years old). The site allows the school to show all the nuances of learning and student achievement.

Creation of the site of the company “Best Beton”

"Best Beton" is a manufacturer of branded concrete and dry concrete mixes. It also sells cement and crushed stone. BEST-concrete buys cement and inert materials by railroad cars, without intermediaries, directly from the manufacturer. The site reflects the modern, technological approach of the company to the construction business.

Website development for the company “Vtormet Tsaritsyno”

"Vtormet Tsaritsyno" offers removal and acceptance of scrap metal in Moscow and the Moscow region. The company is ready to set an acceptable, understandable and transparent price, which is easy to find on the website. The site offers an individual design and shows the full range of the company's services.

Creation of a website for the company “Azbuka Prava”

Azbuka Prava provides a wide range of legal services, services in the field of consulting and audit, accounting and tax accounting, both for individuals and legal entities. The site created by us for the company allowed us to find new clients, partners and expand the range of services offered.

Website development for the company “Unilos”

"Unilos Service" offers services for the sale, installation and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems. Main clients: owners of country houses, cottages, construction foremen or contractors for the construction of houses and utilities, design, construction and trade organizations. The site reflects all aspects of the installation and operation of such systems. The site has an individual design and layout.

Creating an advertising banner for Unilos company

Creating an advertising banner for Unilos company. The company offers services for the sale, installation, and maintenance of wastewater treatment systems.